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Better Truck Insurance are a General Insurance Broker specialising in Insurance to the Transport Industry.

We are a division of Berkrey Insurance Consultants Pty Ltd Licensed with the Australian Securities Investment Commission, Australian Financial Services Licence No. 235366.

Our insurance services include Heavy Motor, Mobile Plant & Equipment, Commercial, Construction and Engineering and General Motor Vehicle along with a range of Professional Insurances to protect you and your business against third party claims.

We offer a personalised service to our clients, understanding your Insurance requirements and finding the right policy for your needs.

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Steadfast launches direct insurance channel

Listed broker Steadfast is entering the direct personal lines market with a new line of retail insurance products for sale through brokers.

The new approach, called Steadfast Direct, will be underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Australia and New Zealand, the local arm of the US investment and insurance giant.

Steadfast MD and CEO Robert Kelly told the new sales channel will allow Steadfast Network brokers to offer their clients competitively priced direct insurance products.

From February Steadfast Direct will offer home and motor insurance, subject to regulatory approval.

“Through my insurance career I’ve seen the direct insurers move into the market and take personal lines business away from the brokers with more efficient products,” he said.

“It has reached a point where brokers now often advise their clients to go directly to the insurers for personal lines products.

“But we’re now in a position where we can offer competitively priced personal lines products backed by some very strong capacity.”

Mr Kelly says the new deal will enable Steadfast Network brokers them to strengthen their relationships with their clients and grow their businesses through selling “direct-style” products.

What to do after a car crash

Bank Holiday Closure Monday 4th August

Our office will be closed on Monday 4th August due to the Bank Holiday

We will re open Tuesday 5th August at 9.00am

WorkCover offers brokers good news for clients

A reduction in workers compensation premiums is imminent for thousands of small businesses but larger businesses have to wait and see to discover if they too will benefit.

From next week, about 200,000 NSW businesses across more than 400 industries will have their WorkCover premiums cut by between 5% and 7.5% Meanwhile, Victorian premiums are set to be cut by 2% from next month.

However, larger firms affected by Industry Claims Cost Rates (ICCR) will have to wait until Friday to find out how their premiums for the year will be set. It is understood the new ICCR will be materially different to those currently in use.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth preivously lambasted WorkCover in a recent submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the scheme’s performance and says while the reductions are welcome, there is no transparency as to how they have been reached.

“There is no market operation under this process and it also doesn’t give the employer any amount of choice,” he says.

Instead, Booth has been lobbying the NSW Government to more closely model the system on the WA set-up, which operates as a intermediated market.

NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet says the State Government’s reforms have returned WorkCover NSW to financial sustainability.

“The reforms have achieved the Government’s objective of providing more support for injured workers who are unable to work, and greater incentives to return to work for those injured workers with the capacity to do so,” he says.

“More injured workers are back at work as well.

“Safe Work Australia has reported that in 2012-13, NSW’s return to work rate improved by 3% to 88% – making it higher than the national average of 86%.”

New dash cam encourages safe driving

Uniden has extended its range of in-car vehicle recorders with the release of the iGO Cam 750. The so-called ‘crash cam’ was designed for drivers wanting to protect themselves from road-related
accidents and disputes, according to the manufacturer.

“New to the Uniden iGO Cam series is the inclusion of speed camera warnings built into the Crash Camera device. The speed camera warnings alert drivers of upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras, reminding motorists to slow down,” Uniden said.

“The iGO Cam 750 is equipped with the latest in vehicle accident recording ‘black box’ technology. Built-in G-sensor and Collision Detection Mode ensures the camera identifies any changes in motion which will instantly trigger recording. In the event of an accident, this gives drivers the ability to analyse the direction of impact and view how it happened.”

Other new safety features include Lane Assist, providing drivers with visual and audible alerts when the vehicle is drifting over a lane while in motion.


No easy answer to western Sydney flood risk: report


Western Sydney’s Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley faces a serious, ongoing flood risk that has no simple or single solution, according to the first stage of a NSW Office of Water review.

“Infrastructure options can reduce but not eliminate the risk to life and property,” the report on Australia’s biggest flood risk says.

“Effective evacuation is the only measure that can guarantee to reduce the risk to life.”

The report says raising the Warragamba Dam by 15-23 metres is the most effective infrastructure option, but this needs further cost-benefit analysis.

A higher dam crest would reduce the frequency of large events and extend evacuation times, but it would not eliminate extreme flood risk.

Changes to the operation of dam gates and a five-metre cut to the full supply level should also be considered. These measures could be introduced sooner but would affect only minor to moderate floods, the report says.

“Significantly less cost-effective than raising the crest of Warragamba Dam wall are infrastructure options to enhance drainage of floodwater from the valley.”

The review finds limited potential for the use of levees, due to extreme flood depths, particularly in the Richmond-Windsor area.

Other recommendations focus on the evacuation capacity of transport infrastructure, ensuring integrated governance, improving flood data and modelling, recovery planning and community education and information accessibility.

The report calls for better policies and guidelines on land-use planning as population in the area increases.

The NSW Government has established a taskforce to lead the next stage of the review, which will further examine the recommendations.

Several weeks ago Suncorp CEO Personal Insurance and Insurance Council of Australia President Mark Milliner expressed concern about the continued building of houses in the dam flood area.

“There are 43,000-plus properties at the base of the dam that would be inundated if the dam failed – and yet we build more,” he said. “I am concerned when I hear local governments say development in high-flood-risk areas is ‘inevitable’.”

The NSW Government report says the Hawkesbury-Nepean valley has the potential to “fill like a bath”, given its large upstream catchments and narrow sandstone gorges that create natural choke points.

But previous surveys have shown residents often underestimate the risks.

Many evacuation routes feature low points that can be cut off before higher areas are inundated, potentially leading to isolated flood islands that could be submerged in extreme events, putting lives at risk.

“Large flood events could affect the entire regional and NSW economy by affecting transportation routes and utilities outside the flooded area,” the report says.

River levels reached 19.7 metres above mean sea level at Windsor during the valley’s record flood in 1867.

The report says a similar event now would cause about $4 billion in damage and require evacuation of about 45,000 people.

In a “worst possible” flood about 73,000 people would need to be evacuated and more than 20,000 homes would be at risk.

16th Steadfast Convention 2014-Melbourne


Steadfast Convention Logo 2014


Steadfast’s 16th Annual Convention will be held from 1-4 March 2014 (inclusive) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) located on the banks of the Yarra on South Wharf – with fantastic views of the city skyline and the river. Nothing is too far away from the centre, with sports, arts and world class restaurants and the Crown Entertainment Complex. There will be an outstanding line-up of Australia’s premier speakers and business leaders who will share their experiences, knowledge and skills.

Our Convention, as always, is strongly supported by our loyal sponsors and exhibitors. Their continued support ensures Steadfast is able to provide a high quality, value-for-money event.


Insurers assess bushfire impact

Insurance companies are monitoring the impact of dozens of bushfires that swept across Victoria at the weekend, according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA).

About 6000 firefighters tackled the worst conditions the state has faced since Black Saturday in February 2009.

An ICA spokesman told a catastrophe has not been declared but the council is working with the Country Fire Authority and other government agencies.

The council’s disaster hotline – 1800 734 621 – is operational.

At least 20 homes have been reported destroyed by the fires, which threatened Melbourne’s fringes in Warrandyte, Craigieburn and Gisborne.

A fire at Maiden Gully in Bendigo had the potential to be as devastating as those of February 2009, but was “pulled up” quickly.

Meanwhile, ICA and its members continue to monitor a potential cyclone developing in WA.

“Insurers have received very few claims from policyholders affected by ex-cyclones Dylan, Edna and Fletcher,” the spokesman said



Been involved in an accident and your not at fault.We can help you get an excess free hire car at no cost to you.

Photo: Been involved in an accident and your not at fault.We can help you get an excess free hire car at no cost to you.You dont even need to be insured with us.
If you are at fault we can get you reduced rates for your hire car.
Interested ? Call us now 02 9899 8155

Been involved in an accident and your not at fault.We can help you get an excess free hire car at no cost to you. You dont even need to be insured with us.

If you are at fault we can get you reduced rates for your hire car.

Interested ? Call us now 02 9899 8155