Insurance Classes

Covers loss or damage due to explosion or collapse of boilers and other pressure vessels that normally require a certificate of compliance before being used. The policy also covers liability for resultant third party property damage or bodily injury.

Burglary coverage is restricted to theft following break-in or committed by persons concealed on the premises. Theft cover is not dependent on either of those characteristics (and as a result, if available, is normally more expensive).

Covers loss of gross profit or revenue, to maintain the continuing or fixed costs of a business and increased working costs incurred to avoid or diminish a reduction in the business results and profitability following loss of or damage to property.

This insurance package is typically designed for small business enterprises and provides coverage for both Assets and Liabilities within the framework of one policy.

Covers loss, destruction of or damage to contract works and all materials ascribed to the contract whilst in transit or on or adjacent to the insured siteCan also cover legal liabilities for injury to any person(s) and/or damage to any property of third parties arising out of the construction/maintenance operations.

Covers baggage, overseas medical expenses, money, personal accident benefits, loss of deposits and other contingencies appropriate for insured persons whilst traveling on the business of the Insured. This policy is often purchased on an annual basis.

Directors’ and Officers’Covers Directors or Officers for their legal liability for wrongful acts committed whilst acting in their capacity as a Director or Officer.Company ReimbursementTo reimburse the company for payments it is legally entitled or obliged to make in indemnifying Directors or Officers for claims made against them whilst acting in their capacity as Directors or Officers. It will not reimburse the company for claims made against the company.

Covers insured persons for permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness, where such persons are unable to perform the major portion of their normal occupation – various covers such as Key Person, Salary Continuance etc are available.

Covers loss sustained by the Insured as the result of fraud perpetrated by anyone other than the Insured’s employees through the Insured’s computer or electronic communications systems.

Covers physical loss or damage, including mechanical or electrical breakdown, to computing equipment and loss due to interruption to the business as a result of loss, destruction or damage by a insured peril.

A prescribed class of insurance business commonly referred to as Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Covers a range of liabilities that can face an employer following wrongful termination, refusal to employ, failure to promote, demotion, disciplinary action, sexual harassment, discrimination or defamation of an employee.

Covers loss sustained through fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees.

This composite policy can include a selection or all of the following perils: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Earthquake, Storm & Tempest, Rainwater, Water Damage, Flood, Malicious Damage, Riots & Strikes, Impact by Vehicles or Animals.

Covers loss of or damage to specified property, normally of a portable nature, which is not covered under the policy on property at the insured’s premises.

Can cover either specified items of glass or more typically all glass on the premises. Cover can be extended to include such items as signwriting and framework.

Covers a nominated group of individuals for a specified benefits against a range of accidental disabilities. Benefits are payable to the organisation purchasing the cover rather than to the disabled person.

Covers domestic dwellings and contents against fire and other perils including theft and personal liability.

This embracive policy typically protects the Insured against losses involving assets and business interruption arising from physical loss or damage to the property used in the business.

Protects residential property owners in the event of damage to their property by tenants.

Covers sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and machinery. The policy can be extended to cover consequential loss from interruption to the business following such breakdown.

Marine insurance covers the risk of loss to ships and vessels – Marine Hull, and the risk of loss to property and goods in transit – Marine Cargo. Marine Cargo insurance is sometimes divided into Inland Marine, which covers property and goods in transit between locations without requiring sea transport and Ocean Marine, which covers property and goods subject to a sea voyage. Marine Cargo policies are issued in various forms depending on the requirement of the shipper, the shipowner, the charterer, the consignee etc.

This can cover money at designated premises, in safes and strongrooms and whilst in transit.

Utilised to provide for the repayment of an outstanding mortgage or other outstanding debt which is being paid off by instalments, in the event of death or disablement of the mortgagor.

This can take several forms:1 (a) Comprehensive, ie own damage and third party property damage. (b) Third Party Property Damage plus Fire and Theft. (c) Third Party Property Damage only.2. Compulsory Third Party “Act” cover. This is a compulsory insurance in all States of Australia and applies to Third Party Injury or Death sustained in an accident involving a registered motor vehicle.

A Multi-Risks policy covers the Insured against a wide range of unspecified, fortuitous risks of loss or damage (subject to policy exclusions etc) to the property insured but not loss or damage caused by its inherent nature.

Can provide weekly and lump sum benefits for accidental death or injury to a specified person or persons. Protection is also available to cover sickness.

This policy can cover the craft itself, accessories and also Third Party Liability (including to and by water skiers).

Covers legal liability to compensate third parties for loss sustained by them arising out of negligent acts, errors or omissions or civil liability on the part of the Insured in the conduct of their business.

Legal liability to pay compensation (including legal expenses) to third parties in the event of the Insured causing injury, death or loss of or damage to property arising out of business operations or products.

Covers professional fees charged by an accountant in connection with a Taxation Office audit, including costs in obtaining expert advice.